How can I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made using the form below. You can also make reservations via Whatsapp. Fill out the WhatsApp form and keep the message short and to the point.

Please note that the reservation is only valid after you have received a confirmation from us!


What are the departure times?


Starting point Bike tour or taxi ride to the starting point of the canoe trip. Meeting place: parking lot behind Cafe "De Witte Börstel," Koevaart 15 Meers (Elsloo). Here you can also park your car. This is also the end point of the canoe trip later that day.

11:00 & 12:00

These are the departure times for the Canoe Trip from the village Itteren, next to Maastricht.

Park at our parking lot on the corner of the street: Pasestraat/Op de Meer (Itteren/Maastricht) Please do not park in the adjacent streets! From here it is a 2 min walk to the pick-up point.

In the street "Op de Meer" take the second left up the dike. Attention! No parking here!

Have you started canoeing?

If you started canoeing and chose the Canoe & Bike combo, the bikes will be ready at the end point of the canoe tour in the parking lot behind Café "De Witte Börstel." This is also where the taxi will pick you up to be taken back to the starting point in Itteren.

Attention! Sometimes the taxi has just left so you may have to wait a while. Also, the taxi does not leave until enough people have entered.

Would you rather leave at a different time?

Above you can see our standard departure times. Variations on the standard departure times are certainly possible by arrangement. Call,email or WhatsApp us for the possibilities!